How often have you thought to yourself how handy it would be to have your own Personal Assistant?  That is exactly what we could be for you!  We’ll work with you to discover exactly how we can be of most help to give you back your precious free time.

Coping with life’s changes

If you are separating from, or have lost a partner, the impact can be
enormous. Trying to unravel all kinds of services in joint or different names
is a daunting task. Then there are banks or mortgage companies to inform,
subscriptions to deal with, companies to contact … the list goes on and on.

Managing home and work admin

Even in this digital age there is still no such thing as the paperless office. You may just need a few clear and simple processes and systems set up, or we can give your paperwork a complete overhaul leaving you with something streamlined that really works for you and helps you to find things quickly and easily.

Organising your home office

A well organised space helps you concentrate and get through things faster and more efficiently, whether you work from home or just constantly have a mountain of home related admin to get through.

Moving home

No matter how many times you may have moved it’s amazing how much
organisation it always takes. We can help ease some of that burden with a range of services including getting estimates from removals company, getting new services in place, and advising of change of address.