About Us


08 (2)

For 20 enjoyable, rewarding, but
extremely busy years I worked for an
International company. There was a lot of
travel involved in my role as a European
Director, and needless to say there were
countless times when there simply weren’t
enough hours in the day.

With working long hours, but wanting to be organised, I had to use
weekends, nighttime and the early hours to fit in the home and personal
things. They always got done – but how much nicer would it have been
to tackle those things during ‘normal working hours’ rather than
my limited, precious free time.

That’s when I decided to change my lifestyle. I took a break, and
during that time I realised that I wasn’t alone – there are many people
who are just as starved of time as I was, all trying to find ways to juggle
work with having a life.

My previous colleagues were kind enough to say that I was easy to
work with, a very good listener and had an ability to understand what
someone else needed. They also said that even though I was often
frantically busy, my day-to-day and project management skills meant I
always appeared calm and stress free and got the job done well.

That’s what prompted me to start Tina’s Organisation. I love getting
things organised and sorted. I enjoy working closely with people to
understand not just their obvious needs, but also the subtle things
that can transform a project from being merely OK to something

Whatever time you invest in me, my aim is to ensure that all the
benefits will be delivered back to you many times over.